Escape Room

As a method of education for democratic citizenship

We use our Escape Room not only as a tool for team-building and playful entertainment, but also as a method of education for democratic citizenship. Within an Escape Room participants focus on a topic for a period of 60 minutes and then work on it in more detail.

What can be achieved utilising our Escape Rooms for education for democratic citizenship:

  • motivating new target groups to participate in education for democratic citizenship;
  • applying a low-threshold approach to a topic;
  • presenting the content in a particularly interesting way;
  • raising awareness of a topic, some structures and the participants’ own perception mechanisms;
  • anchoring a topic in the participants’ memory and thereby laying foundations for further consideration of the topic.

What makes our Escape Room events special:

  • The learning materials for our Escape Room are portable and can be used with groups of different sizes. We can therefore bring our Escape Room to you.
  • We evaluate our Escape Room and then go in-depth utilising any insights according to the needs of the target group and applying a variety of further tools.
  • We teach the Escape Room method in our further education activities and make sure that the didactic approach, materials needed and practical instruction can be learned.
  • We consult other organisations that are developing their own Escape Rooms.
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