Workshops and further education

Developing the topics in groups and getting to the heart of the matter

In our workshops and further education seminars the participants scrutinize a topic or a method. This can take an hour or several days; the groups may be large or small, with a great variety of the working forms in the units.

What can be achieved through workshops and further education:

  • looking at a topic, debating and analysing it from a number of different perspectives;
  • testing a method in practice and reflecting upon its application;
  • developing new ideas in teams using interactive and creative elements;
  • working on a problem and leading to its solution;
  • acquiring new topical and methodical skills that can be later used both in everyday life and in school as well as in the work undertaken with other participants.

What makes our workshops, training and further education activities special:

  • We prepare both the topic and the method according to the needs of the target group and do so in an interesting way. We do this with consideration of the participants’ level of knowledge.
  • We encourage and enable active participation and controversial discussions.
  • We explain different perspectives on a topic and train adequate approaches.
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