Small educational building blocks

Making politics intelligible and experiential through a set of (inter)active exercises

We use the adjustable building blocks of education for democratic citizenship based on the needs of the target group. This allows us to teach the content and turn the political process into a hands-on experience. It may include singular short exercises or a combination of different building blocks for more lengthy seminars.

 What can be achieved with our building blocks:

  • providing an interactive and inspiring introduction to the topic;
  • enhancing and conducting the processes of verbal and non-verbal opinion-making;
  • turning other viewpoints into tangible experiences;
  • sensitising to the consequences of their own activities;
  • experiencing and analysing group dynamics.

 What makes our building blocks so special:

  • We always adjust our building blocks to the current situation, target group and topic in question. We combine them in an optimal way in order to achieve the objectives of the event.
  • We are constantly looking at new ideas and approaches. On this basis, we confidently work on the most current issues and challenges
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