Simulation Games

Assisting the participants in learning how it feels to be in a politician’s skin

In simulation games, the participants playfully simulate a decision-making process according to their assigned role (e.g. as a politician). Through personal experience and participation, it becomes considerably easier to memorise the learning material.

What can be achieved through simulation games:

  • stimulating a sustainable interest in politics through the positive game experience;
  • developing and fostering a democratic position;
  • providing knowledge on political structures, processes and topics;
  • exercising practical skills and abilities such as speaking freely, leading negotiations or analysing texts;
  • building social abilities, such as empathy, team work, self-reliance, or the courage to take the initiative.

What makes our simulation games special:

  • Comprehensive scenarios and well-structured hand out materials. These help the participants to swiftly find identification with their role and task.
  • Structured processes that help the participants to not get lost in the complex decision-making.
  • Detailed evaluation helps the participants to reflect on their experience, to compare it with reality, and to use it for future observations.
  • Guidelines and workshops for team members to help them prepare in the best way.
  • It goes without saying that we can also provide the service of conducting the game ourselves.
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