Scenarios and discourses on the future

Understanding the impact of today’s actions and shaping the future

While working with scenarios and discourses on the future, participants focus on the question of how the future emerges in a certain area or thematic field and how it can be shaped.

What can be achieved with scenarios and discourses on the future:

  • investigating the factors that have an impact on the future;
  • getting to the crux of complex dynamics and interdependencies;
  • building a sense of responsibility and political awareness;
  • motivating to take an active stance and apply conscious decision-making;
  • harvesting projections of an appealing future.

What makes our scenarios and discourses on the future special:

  • We adjust the topic, timeframe and the participants’ profile to create the best possible match.
  • We make sure of creating a vivid and varied experience for the group.
  • We provide sound assessment and translate the findings into specific practical instructions.
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