Structuring topics and processes and making them visible

Through our facilitation we support various processes such as topical debates, project development or closed meetings. We offer a customised service that can cover any duration from just one hour to several days.

What can be achieved with facilitation:

  • initiating a process and accompanying it;
  • having an exciting yet relaxed debate;
  • giving all participants an opportunity to voice their concerns on an equal footing and by clarifying uncertainties;
  • providing a short informational input, if needed;
  • communicating the state of a process or debate to the outside world.

What makes our facilitation special:

  • We structure group processes and the course of the debates in such way that they can be conducted efficiently and yet remain clear for everyone.
  • We take care of presenting the results of a debate concisely yet interestingly.
  • We focus on participants and their topics – not on the facilitators themselves.
  • We support topical exchange and group processes – if needed – by applying visual or text-based aids.
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