Platforms for Dialogue and Participation

Involving the participants in the dialogue with policy-makers

In this working format, the participants become a part of the current debate. They evaluate the common points and differences between the various positions, and express their wishes and interests during their interaction with the decision-makers.

What can be achieved through dialogue and participation:

  • fostering the opinion-making process;
  • encouraging and enabling the articulation of their own political interests and wishes;
  • training the ability to follow the arguments of others; to understand and to scrutinize them;
  • making the positions of the decision-makers understandable to the participants.

What makes our dialogue and participation projects special:

  • We encourage the participants to critically review political questions.
  • Detailed preparatory work and customised framework conditions help us to create an environment where both participants and decision-makers meet as equals.
  • The participants feel that both they and their position are taken seriously.
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