Courses and Lectures

Explaining the topics and contexts and going into more detail as the conversation progresses

Using courses and lectures followed by discussions, we provide information on political issues and contexts for groups of different sizes, ages and education backgrounds.

What can be achieved with our courses and lectures:

  • imparting knowledge;
  • shedding light on current discussions;
  • explaining the issues and conducting mutual debates.

What makes our courses and lectures special:

  • We go beyond providing simple answers, as known from a number of websites and leaflets on the topic.
  • We explain politics as a complex structure characterised by the variety of actors with respectively different legitimate interests and values.
  • We adjust our tuition to the questions, areas of interest and needs of the participants instead of delivering the same script over and over again.
  • We swiftly respond to spontaneous ideas and questions, cultivating a dialogue.
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