Training in Belgrade

Good neighbourhood relations do not only depend on governments. They need people who are able to think and act beyond borders, who know how to co-operate with others and who want to do so. They are the basis for political stability and economic progress in the Southeast as everywhere else in Europe.

The Seminar „Training for Europe“ aimed to encourage people to develop and to realise own projects. It created a stimulating environment in which NGO activists have a unique opportunity for networking and for developing their own skills. It consisted of input by the trainers, group work in international teams and an intensive exchange of experience.

“Training for Europe ” enabled the participants

  • to develop substantial projects as real contributions to cross border co-operations and thus to the development of “European civil society”
  • to understand and to use the concept of “Project Cycle Management”
  • to manage projects involving team members at different locations and participants from different backgrounds in a professional way.

The aim of the project was to improve the co-operation among the partner organisations involved, and to create a pool of trainers and activists which will lay the base for new activities. Involved were the NGOs Citizens of Europe, ‘Biro’ (Serbia), ‘Youth Forum EYE’ (Macedonia), ‘Youth Initiative for Human Rights’ (Kosovo) and the International Office of the Universiy of Oradea (Romania). Frank Burgdörfer developed the concept and lead the team of trainers.